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Painting your walls gives your home an instant makeover. Transform a boring living room into the family’s favorite place to hang out. At Stewart Painting, we’ll upgrade your space with bright, gorgeous paint. We use top-quality Sherwin-Williams products, and our crew will move and protect your furniture for you. We can also handle small repairs on your property.

We’ll evaluate your property to provide an accurate free estimate. Reach out to us today to learn more.

4 ways to keep your fresh paint looking great

4 ways to keep your fresh paint looking great

Maintaining your paint job goes a long way toward making your home look beautiful all the time. Here are four tips to keep your freshly painted rooms looking their best:

  1. Dust your walls regularly. Dusting helps you avoid gross buildup.
  2. Wash them with soap and water at least once a year. Scrub away scuff marks, dirt and grime.
  3. Touch up damaged areas. Keep a can of the type of paint your Stewart Painting contractor used.
  4. Repaint your walls every few years. A fresh coat of paint works wonders to make your room look gorgeous.

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