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When was the last time you really looked at your home’s siding? You’ve probably gotten so used to the way it looks that you don’t notice whether or not it still looks good. Your neighbors do, though. Upgrade your exterior with a fresh coat of paint. Call Stewart Painting to ask about a paint warranty on your home.

3 ways to keep your exterior looking great

3 ways to keep your exterior looking great

Vinyl siding can start to look dingy and dirty if you don’t maintain it. Here are three tips to keep it looking great:

  1. Power-wash your siding at least once a year. This lifts off dirt and grime to make your siding sparkle like new.
  2. Check for cracks and breaks regularly. If you catch damages early, they’re easy and inexpensive to fix.
  3. Repaint it every few years. Even the most well-maintained siding will need a fresh coat of paint after several heat waves, wind storms and downpours.

When your siding needs to be repainted, you know who to call. Trust Stewart Painting with the job.